Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Words...

"People who are loved the way we are loved should have lives marked by extreme thanksgiving and laughter because of the mercy and generosity of our King. If we've got this kind of joy resident in our hearts, we won't have to resort to the kind of crude joking and filthy talk that marks the hearts of those looking for happiness in a world devoid of grace. Walking in His love is not so much an issue of which words may or may not be spoken, but a realization that His love is so astounding, so overwhelming, that it precludes complaining (the primary use of swear words) and crudities. This kind of speech is fueled by revenge or boastful self-love and a desire to be thought clever, edgy, funny, a man or woman of the world. Paul's imperative is that we avoid this kind of speech because it is "out of place." It's "out of place" because we no longer have to struggle to make a name for ourselves, nor hope that someone will love us, give us what we think we need, or find us clever. We're freed from this pursuit because we've been immeasurably loved by God, and our résumé has already been written; we're more sinful and flawed than than we ever dared believe, but more loved and welcomed than we ever dared hope."

~Elyse Fitzpatrick