Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sometimes trials are like beet tops.

I still remember the shivery feelings that came to me as a child when I looked down at the cooked beat tops sitting on my plate.

I didn't like them. Actually, I really didn't like them.

"Mom," I would ask, "why do I have to eat these?"

"Because I love you."

That was my mom's ever ready response, leaving me wondering if she could possibly stop loving me for a few moments so I could get out of eating this bitter green stuff.

Those beet tops were there for my good and health. That's why my parents, who loved me, placed them on my plate.

I believe that the relationship of parents and their children is an image of Christ and His children. Our Heavenly father places trials on His children's plates.


Because He loves us.

Trials grow us strong. Out of true love, the Lord, (just like our parents), will not allow us to gorge on ice cream and cream puffs the rest of our days.

Beet top moments grow us in ways that mountain top experiences never could.

Knowing this, we can face trails (and yes, beet tops) with joy. We are loved. And so we have trials, so that we "...may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing." {James 1:4b}


Annette W. said...

This is a wonderful article. You did a great job of relating a profound truth using those terrible tasting beet tops! Thanks!

Ana R.W. said...

Thank you so much, Mom! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I know this is an old post, but thank you for a great and simple reminder of our Heavenly Father's love. :-)


Ana R.W. said...

You're very welcome, Gabriela! Thank you for commenting. :-)