Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Letters to orphans.

As a young girl I was captivated by adoption and caring for orphans. It started when I saw a young family in our church going through an adoption process (don't ever think young children in your church aren't paying attention to what you do!). The whole idea that a family could open their hearts to a hurting child with no family and show Christ's love - rescuing them like Christ has rescued us - amazes and excites me.

As I've read the Bible I've come across so many verses showing how dear orphans are to the heart of God.  I was also struck from reading in the book The Bravehearted Gospel by Eric Ludy, how Job sought out the orphans, instead of waiting for them to knock on his door.

I've desired for a way to reach out to orphans in this time of my life - even if it were a small way. But many ways to help were closed for various reasons. I thought even an opportunity to write letters to them would be wonderful, but, I was mystified at how hard it was to find a way to do that.

So I prayed. Gave it to my Heavenly Father. And let it go.

In December I received an email from some friends who do missionary work to Russia through a certain organization, about writing letters to orphans. I was a little skeptical (why is it that I'm often skeptical at first to answers to prayer?!? )... plus I was busy that time of year. I did go ahead and write one letter.

The lady that I sent it to (she took my letter and the others with her to Russia) sent me a postcard thanking me for writing the letter and telling me to feel free to write more and that they could be used for other countries...

Hmmm... so I was still a bit skeptical.

Finally, a few months later, I couldn't let go of the thought to send this lady a message and ask her if she still could use some letters. She wrote back telling me "Yes you can write lots! We could use 10,000 by June! Thank you!" =) I was amazed! The Lord had flung this door wide open!!

So I wrote out several letters. Grateful that the Lord would open a way for me to reach out to those I haven't seen, but still care about... from my home! =)  (And no, I didn't write 10,000. ;-)

I know this may seem like a simple thing. Most people I've talked to recently have sent a letter to orphans at some point in their life. But I have to say, every time I look back and see how the Lord answers a cry of my heart, it makes me rejoice!

The Lord is so faithful to answer our prayers ~ whether they're little or big!


Maren said...

This post made me smile. I think I know who you are talking about. It's good to know that 10,000 are needed by June! :-)

Bless you!


Ana R.W. said...

:-) Yes, you do!! Thank you for your comment, Maren! <3