Thursday, November 15, 2012

~Ask of Him~

Because of a few issues I had with tons of spam comments, the comment section on my blog has word verification again... and now? No more spam! Yay! Although I'm sorry it makes it a bit more of a hassle now for you all to comment. :( I really enjoy every comment from each of you! They're a true encouragement! :)

So today, I got this quote in an email and I just had to share it! Such a wonderful encouragement to pray more. :)

"Dost thou want nothing, O, my fellow-mortal? Hast thou nothing to ask? Yes, thou replies, I need an infinite supply. Well then, draw near to thy precious King and Bridegroom without fear.

Lo! He holds out His golden scepter to thee, saying, "Only ask; not the half, but the whole of My kingdom shall be granted; nay, I will give Myself unto thee."

Disclose to Him, therefore, thy whole heart, mentioning all thy wants and grievances. Whatever is poured out before Him, is lodged in its proper place; He takes the burden from thee, and encourages thee to hope for seasonable and full relief...Ask of Him, therefore, all thou needest, and ask in faith."
~C.H. Bogatsky

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