Sunday, June 23, 2013

~Inexhaustible grace~

"Grace,... allows me to hear the hardest things about my flaws and patterns of sin because I know, by grace, that there is no flaw I can discover nor any sin I can unearth that can ever decimate my life. I cannot be any more loved and accepted than I am by the Lord who loves me with the full knowledge of what I have done, am doing, and will do; I have unshakable confidence that nothing can reduce His love for me. Therefore, I am free to admit my desperation. In so doing, I can experience real change, which is the very power of the kingdom of heaven in my life.

What marks kingdom people as genuine Christians is that they keep coming back to this one thing - the inexhaustible grace of God, knowing that it is all we have and all we need."
~Elyse Fitzpatrick


Gabriela said...

YES. His inexhaustible grace amazes me - sometimes, it is beyond comprehension.

Right now, I am doing a study on Galatians, which will hopefully help me understand (I don't know if "undestand" would be the word) more about that grace!

Hope you are doing good!:-)

Ana R.W. said...


That sounds like an excellent study to do! It's always wonderful to study the Bible and learn more.

Thank you, for your kind comment, Gabriela! I hope to write a post this next week...
Busy days! And I'm learning to trust my Savior more and more!

I hope you are doing well!!
Keep resting in God's unchanging grace, friend!