Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Steps to fearless, radical action.

Last year while I had the joy of staying with and helping a young family, I was able to attend church with them one Sunday. Listening to this sermon I felt as though I had sat down at a table covered with a feast of spiritual food. It was so practical, and so Biblical and had plenty of things to "digest." I was able to jot some notes down while having little boys sitting on my lap from time to time, drawing on my notes. :)

The points are straightforward, and are something I find very helpful for me at this time in my life. May the Lord use them to help you too!

This message was given by Josh Johnson, based on Jeremiah 1:4-10:

“Fear keeps us from doing so much.”
God has prepared good works for us…
"There is no reason you shouldn’t give yourself for His Kingdom.”
1.) God wants to use you, stop making excuses. It makes the power of God look weak when we do.
2.) Know the words and promises of the Bible. Saturate yourself in this book.
3.) Pray for God’s leading and direction.
4.) Seek guidance and wisdom from others (adults)  (i.e. How do you think I should be radical? etc.)
5.) Take a step of faith and do something where you’re at right now.  Something you can only do by His strength.
6.)  Fight against chronological snobbery.
He will work in you…

For parents:
You have a valuable influence on your children…
How to help students become radical for Jesus Christ:
1.)  Set an example for the youth… Look at how you spend your time… What do we celebrate? (it shows what we value)
2.)  Commit to encouraging and supporting and praying with them. Grab a student in the hallway and ask if you can pray with them or for them.
3.) Offer wisdom and insight from the Bible and your own experiences.
4.) Fight against cynicism.  It’s really easy to be skeptical.
5.) Be willing to let students take steps of faith.
6.) Trust in the promises of God.  They’re for you and your child.

For all: It’s Christ and His work on the cross that gives us the ability and motivation to be radical.

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Annette W. said...

Thanks for this and all of these entries...They are each so-o-o good!! I am touched by how sensitive and how deep everyone is and they are all so unique. Oh..I do hope you can one day go back to doing this sort of writing!....These are amazing!
Love you so and am thankful that God is heavily at work in your life!