Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A time of learning and growth...

Well, time has flown and I haven't yet shared about my time at the Counseling training I went to in the Twin Cities two weekends ago!!

It was so, so good!! God worked in amazing ways.

I had the joy of sitting through 10 hours of Biblical teaching. Sometimes it was overwhelming but it was a good kind of overwhelming! ;)
Notes in my notebook!!

Peace and joy have flooded my heart so many times since then, as I reflect on the truth I learned. Truly, the word of God is sufficient for helping our deepest needs. I wish I could share everything I learned from it with you all, but I'll just share a few things that "hit home."

Some highlights:
~ Jesus alone satisfies our deepest desires and needs for love, approval, hope, etc...
~As children who are in Christ we have all the approval we will ever need! And in the end it's the voice of our Savior that matters. Approval from man is "like garbage."
~When we can fix the root problem (the sin issue), and then apply the Word of God to it and repent, good fruit will come.
~The goal God has for us is to become more like His son. It's not that our goals for ourselves are inherently wrong, but they can become a distraction to what His goal is for us (pleasing Him).

I have two more weekends left of training!!

Oh, and I don't normally share personal pictures here but I thought it would be fun to post a few.... :)
With my friend Breezy who went to the same sessions! 
Over the training weekend I stayed with my friend Amy and her parents  What a joy that was! And I had so much fun playing her harp! :-)

With Amy! :-) 

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