Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our help and our shield!

“Our soul waits for the LORD; He is our help and our shield. For our heart is glad in Him, because we trust in His holy name. Let Your steadfast love, O LORD, be upon us, even as we hope in You."  ~Psalm 33:20-22


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is SO difficult to wait on Him...for [almost] everything. However, this verse is a comforting reminder of His mercy, faithfulness, and love. :-)

- Gabriela

PS. I found your blog through another blog I "follow". You write so nice I decided to stay and follow you, too. I am just saying because I commented on another post and I did not want to appear intruding. I just don't have a blog...yet! :-)

Ana R.W. said...

Thank you, Gabriela! Amen, this verse is so comforting. :-)

Oh, you are *always* welcome to comment! I really appreciate them - you're not intruding at all!

Thank you for your kind comment! God bless you!