Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Looking to Calvary

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Too often I carry a load of guilt on my back that is useless. I lose focus on the cross and the gospel. The devil tempts me to look to myself and my shortcomings rather than my Savoir, who is my righteousness.

I thought these words were the perfect comforting reminder of where our focus should be. I came across them as I read a book written by Charles Spurgeon called: The Power of the Cross of Christ. 

May this point each of us in the right direction and cause the cares of this world to melt away in the light of the Son of God:

"The most earnest Christian man must sometimes have his doubts as to whether all is right with him. The more sincere a man is, the more does he tremble lest he should deceive himself. You may have your personal anxieties; certainly I have mine. But when I turn my eyes to Jesus upon the cross and view the thorn crown and the sacred head and the eyes that were red with weeping and the hands nailed fast to the wood and the feet dripping with blood, and when I remember that this shameful death was endured for love of me, I am so quiet and so happy in my spirit that I cannot tell how peacefully my life-floods flow. God must forgive my grievous fault, for my Redeemer has grievously answered for it. When I see Jesus die, I perceive that henceforth divine justice is on the sinner's side. How can the Lord God punish the same offence twice - first the Substitute and then the men for whom that Substitute has bled? Christ has bled as substitute for every man who believes in Him - therefore is every believer safe.

Oh brethren, when you are troubled, rest with us by looking to Calvary. And if the first glance does not quiet you, look, and look, and look again, for every grief will die where Jesus died. Not to Bethlehem, where the stars of Christmas burn, do we look for our greatest comfort, but to that place where the sun was darkened at midday and the face of eternal love was veiled. Because the Lord of life and glory was dying in extremis, suffering the most deadly pain for our sakes, therefore His wounds distilled the richest balm that ever healed a sinner's wound."


Esther G said...

Thank you, Ana...this was perfect for me. :) <3

Ana R.W. said...

You're welcome, Esther! <3